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Welcome to MARGE's Voluntary Insurance Plan website


You need insurance so why not take advantage of the exclusive coverage that the Manitoba Association of Retired Government Employees (MARGE) Inc. arranges for you? It’s just one more advantage MARGE offers.


All the products you need:

The MARGE plans offer members, residing anywhere in Canada, choice and flexibility. Check out the features of each of the insurance products. We think you’ll like what you see.  

  • Extended Health Care (EHC Plan), underwritten by Desjardins Financial Security (DFS).
  • Prestige Travel Health/Trip Cancellation, only available to EHC Plan enrollees.
  • Dental Care, only available to EHC Plan enrollees.
  • MEDOC® Travel Insurance/Trip Cancellation, available as a separate plan. Note: age and health based premium rates apply.
  • Home Insurance.
  • Auto Insurance. Note: this auto insurance is not available where Government Auto Insurance coverage is provided and mandatory.


MARGE Membership

The MARGE membership application form is located on the home page by clicking on the blue box on the right corner of the home page.
The Johnson Brochure outlining various coverage options, and Government Blue Cross retirees plan comparison information, is located on the Resources Box on the left side of the home page and checking out the three items listed below the Constitution.


Contact Johnson Inc.

MARGE’s approved agent for these plans is Johnson Inc., who offers access to a range of insurance products selected just for you. For answers to further coverage questions, please contact Johnson, toll free at: 1-877-989-2600 or email: [email protected].


Additional Information

Health Plan Brochure (incl. Premiums)

Application Form for Extended Health Care & Dental Plans

Certificate of Insurance for Extended Health

Certificate of Insurance for Dental

Certificate of Insurance for Prestige Travel

Plan FAQ

Claims Submission FAQ 

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